Forced Tickling – Wet Panties

by Lips on October 10, 2005

Crystal forgot to feed Kim’s puppy, so she is going to punish her. We hold her down and tickle her armpits, toes, belly and entire body. Kim holds a vibrating wand to her pussy against her panties that are getting so wet from the stimulation. She thrashes about to break free, but soon she starts to really enjoy it. Then, Crystal seeks her revenge and turns the wand on Kim. She giggles and squirms with the tickling, but that soon turns to moans of joy as the vibrator against her panties brings her to orgasm.

Forced Tickling - Wet Panties

Stars: Crystal,Kim Kennedy

Studio: Urge Alliance

Fetish: WEBSITE CONTENT -> Fetish,QUICKIES -> Fetish,FOR WOMEN -> Fetish,GONZO -> Fetish,FETISH -> Tickling,MASTURBATION -> Forced,CLOTHING -> Panties

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